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A Girl Like Me
September 30, 2009

A tribute I made especially for Gwen Araujo, “A Girl Like Me”, and girls like her.

I walk down the hall

See kids lining down the walls

I know they have IDs, and roles to play in

Unlike me


I wish I had one,

Like the girls doing their make ups

Jocks going round flashing muscles

Slamming fists on lockers

Unlike me


I wonder if there is

Someone out there, in this world, maybe

Who looks like me, acts like me

A girl like me


I wonder if people know

That this world has more colors

Rather than black and white, a place with no space for

A girl like me


Someone there, if you hear my cry,

Please speak out so I can hear you,

And stand for our rights, for the minors, obscure and judged

For people like me


Facing the Wind
September 27, 2009

Stepping on the empty land,

Behind me is a steep cliff

The land is cut; a new land waits below there

If I walk out there, I know I will fall

The wind is pushing me hard, the soil around me soar to cover my sight

Everyone says I should turn around

Let the wind blow me

I hesitate; I’m confused, and I’m broken into two

I don’t know what to do

I almost twist my legs; I’m ready to let my feet

Feel the last step of the land

But no; I refuse to go

I turn once more, and I walk ahead

I face the wind, and the wind faces me

I don’t care how harsh the wind blows

I don’t care what people tell me to do

I follow what my heart will say; to face the wind

Will not fall into the cliff

I know that, somewhere, somehow,

The wind will give up

I will survive

Or even if it doesn’t,

I’d rather die

On the foot of the wind

Not falling into the cliff

I’ll show my bravery, I’ll show my dignity

And let my soul fly

With pride

Teh Manis
September 27, 2009

Di hadapan saya, berdiri sebuah gelas keramik. Hitam, dengan garis-garis berlekuk. Isinya teh manis. Saya tahu, karena sayalah yang baru saja meraciknya.

Teringat hari esok. Ketika semua mimpi akan menemui ajalnya. Ketika waktu akan berpindah haluan. Dua minggu agaknya masih kurang untuk memenuhi hasrat saya. Saya masih haus. Tapi apa daya? Saya tak mampu berkata lagi.

Saya melingkarkan jemari di sekeliling pinggang gelas. Mereguk isinya. Menghirup aromanya. Saya harap, teh manis ini bisa mengobati rasa itu. Rasa yang bercokol di hati. Ditambah wangi jeruk, teh manis menjadi semakin manis.  Saya memang butuh yang manis-manis, untuk memaniskan hidup saya. Hidup saya memang suka keterlaluan, terkadang kelewat pahitnya.

Itulah mengapa saya butuh teh manis. Setiap hari.

Akhir Mimpi
September 26, 2009

Memandang langit


Aku terbaring



Terasa waktu terhenti


Suara tapak detik



Jam dinding

Kututup mata

Berharap waktu berhenti

Tapi detik

Masih terus mengalir

Aku terpana

Kukira aku bebas


Mimpi akan segera berakhir

Aku terperangkap

The Gift Lyrics
September 19, 2009

Lyrics I made hastily due to music lesson deadline. The inspiration came to me in the library. (Excuse the unbelievably simple vocabs and cliche words). Don’t ask about the tone, it’s even more simple and lame ^^.
Well, I do believe that every man has his own secret gift
And I do believe that every man has faith in his own heart
But to find this gift, we all must try, and keep trying
In this step, there are lots of people who fail
Well, do you believe that you, yourself, have your own secret gift
And do you believe that you can try, and you will find that gift?
Don’t give up until you’ve reach the star that sparkles in your sky
You will fall, surely, but those falls will make you stronger…
Believe to your own heart and to your own mind
You will finally reveal the truth that lies in your heart
And while you try, remember this one real, little faith
That even if you fail, you’ve listen to what your heart believes

The Quartet; Part 4. Great Journey!
September 19, 2009


That was a great journey!

I never imagine one before,



It’s unbelievable,

So short a moment

That I’ll never forget



It’s like,






Now that’s…!

What I’d call adventure!

Like I bet my whole life

For a shortrange oftime

But not wasted at all!


Thank God I dare myself!

The Quartet; Part 3. Thank You For Your Attention. It’s the End.
September 19, 2009

A poem for someone, still the same person. It’s not about a broken heart; it’s about a mended heart.

It’s been time
I put an end to all of this
I realize, now, how I should
Move on, because future is still lying ahead

Like a pink ribbon; flashing

No; I’ll never forget you

I just need some new memories

But you’ll always be there

At a spot in my past

And a stain in my memory

You’ve taught me

How I should go

To have the courage, without thinking ‘What if?’

Thank you very much

You’ve been teaching me a lesson

You don’t even realize

Thank you for your time

Thank you for your attention
It’s been the end
Though, honestly, I still hope for some more,
Thank you.

The Quartet; Part 2. I Won’t Regret. It’s Me Telling You How I Feel.
September 19, 2009

This is exactly what I want to say to someone. I hope that someone doesn’t mind what I did. I know that there’s been a misunderstanding, but I need to make it straight. I really won’t regret anything. Everything happens for a reason.

After all that’s been said and done,
You’d probably think I misunderstood
I know I’ve made a fault, and I’m ashamed of it
But I never regret the past’s been going
Too much there are that I want to tell
How my intention is going far, far deeper than what I write
But there’s just no use,
I’m just stuck here, confused and fragile
I wish I haven’t been acting ridiculously
I don’t even know if you mind
Did I hurt your feelings?
Trust me, it’s not how I want it to be
Now that I’ve known the truth,
Can I still talk to you?
Or will you be bothered? You probably don’t like it?
But still, what I want to say hasn’t reach you
I may look stubborn, or hard-hearted
But sometimes, some things need to be fought for
I’m trying to fight for the first time in my life
Is it wrong for me to do it?
No I’ll never regret it
I know I’m acting stupid, but it’s just me
I wish you’re smiling when you read it
Cause nothing is worse for me
Than making you scowl
But still,
I won’t regret
It’s me telling you how I feel

The Quartet; Part 1
September 19, 2009

 I sent this to someone. I don’t know whether to call the ending a happily-ever-after or tragic.  Someone else like this poem though, despite the super simple vocab I use. Thank you Isaac, you really make my day.


How I could end up in this puddle

Never had I dream

Of having such a feeling

That I never believe could happen


Well I did try to forget,

But her face sticks in my mind everyday

I walk fast, I run till I stumble

But she still covers up my world


It’s so ashaming to realize,

That she won’t even know me

That she won’t even know

That someone like me exists


I’m too young to feel this way,

But I really can’t help

She’s much older than me

I’m just a kid in her eyes

If she will see me, someday


I know only of her name,

And her picture that she posted

On the page, inside there,

In a computer screen


I always thought that I

Would someday end up with a guy

But she came to my sight

Now I can’t even believe myself


How do I run away?

Or how do I ask her to be my friend?

While I’m such a coward, a shy, a hidden girl

I have no idea of what to say to her?


Silly that I dream of her day and night

And that I hope I’ll collide upon her, somewhere, someway,


But she’ll never know me, such a young kid

But what should I do to make her know me?
What should I do to keep her out of my mind?