The Gift Lyrics

Lyrics I made hastily due to music lesson deadline. The inspiration came to me in the library. (Excuse the unbelievably simple vocabs and cliche words). Don’t ask about the tone, it’s even more simple and lame ^^.
Well, I do believe that every man has his own secret gift
And I do believe that every man has faith in his own heart
But to find this gift, we all must try, and keep trying
In this step, there are lots of people who fail
Well, do you believe that you, yourself, have your own secret gift
And do you believe that you can try, and you will find that gift?
Don’t give up until you’ve reach the star that sparkles in your sky
You will fall, surely, but those falls will make you stronger…
Believe to your own heart and to your own mind
You will finally reveal the truth that lies in your heart
And while you try, remember this one real, little faith
That even if you fail, you’ve listen to what your heart believes

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