The Quartet; Part 1

 I sent this to someone. I don’t know whether to call the ending a happily-ever-after or tragic.  Someone else like this poem though, despite the super simple vocab I use. Thank you Isaac, you really make my day.


How I could end up in this puddle

Never had I dream

Of having such a feeling

That I never believe could happen


Well I did try to forget,

But her face sticks in my mind everyday

I walk fast, I run till I stumble

But she still covers up my world


It’s so ashaming to realize,

That she won’t even know me

That she won’t even know

That someone like me exists


I’m too young to feel this way,

But I really can’t help

She’s much older than me

I’m just a kid in her eyes

If she will see me, someday


I know only of her name,

And her picture that she posted

On the page, inside there,

In a computer screen


I always thought that I

Would someday end up with a guy

But she came to my sight

Now I can’t even believe myself


How do I run away?

Or how do I ask her to be my friend?

While I’m such a coward, a shy, a hidden girl

I have no idea of what to say to her?


Silly that I dream of her day and night

And that I hope I’ll collide upon her, somewhere, someway,


But she’ll never know me, such a young kid

But what should I do to make her know me?
What should I do to keep her out of my mind?


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