Facing the Wind

Stepping on the empty land,

Behind me is a steep cliff

The land is cut; a new land waits below there

If I walk out there, I know I will fall

The wind is pushing me hard, the soil around me soar to cover my sight

Everyone says I should turn around

Let the wind blow me

I hesitate; I’m confused, and I’m broken into two

I don’t know what to do

I almost twist my legs; I’m ready to let my feet

Feel the last step of the land

But no; I refuse to go

I turn once more, and I walk ahead

I face the wind, and the wind faces me

I don’t care how harsh the wind blows

I don’t care what people tell me to do

I follow what my heart will say; to face the wind

Will not fall into the cliff

I know that, somewhere, somehow,

The wind will give up

I will survive

Or even if it doesn’t,

I’d rather die

On the foot of the wind

Not falling into the cliff

I’ll show my bravery, I’ll show my dignity

And let my soul fly

With pride


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