A Reason to Love

You ask why I love you

Well let me think it through

I guess it’s because of your sparkling, amazing eyes

Or maybe the way your laughter chimes

The curve of your lips when you smile

The humours you add in your lines

Your blonde, gold hair reminds me of cornfield

The softness of your skin as I glide my fingers on it

Your silence that encompass

The dreams you hold by your fingertips

I can’t really decide which to say

Or can I rewind all that stuffs?

I don’t love you because of reasons

I love you just coz I do

Cause you are you

And that’s all I need to love you


Because love is unreasonable

And reason doesn’t need love

And love doesn’t need reason

That’s why it is love


One Response

  1. That was really commendable. I recommend you keeping it up. You will do better in near future.

    Your theme is neatly nice, and of course, lovable!

    Please take some time for me also to read our relationship blog.

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