another boxes in life

another stereotypes to call

another labels to paste

another excuse for fights

what the heck is so important

about being hetero, bi, homo, asexual?

can’t people just accept things

the way they go, the way they are?

so what if she likes guys

or he likes man

or they like us

it’s just matter of choices

can’t we stop putting names

and using them to blame

you are sinful, i’m the holy

there are a hell lot other things to care for

so what if people don’t marry

someone they’re supposed to go with

it’s not like earth needs more humans

and us need more mouths to feed

what is so wrong about accepting people

and who they like, who they love

it’s just another man-made reason for war

another reflection of man-made ego

forcing others to turn away from themselves

and refusing their identities

that’s your selfishness, are you happy seeing them suffer?

your closed mind, close people’s freedom chance

sew your damn evil mouth, there’s no way you have the right to say

stop calling other people names

stop discriminating them because of that

*whatever*sexual is merely your god-damn weapon

accept them like you accept life


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