Invisible Lover

I came to see you but you didn’t see

I stood in front of you, but you didn’t notice

What should I do for you to realize

That I’m here, always here,

For you?


I know at times

I could be invisible

But now that I want to exist

For you to see me

Turns out you don’t

Might be me who forget

How to be seen


Somehow, I just don’t know how


I thought I’d always be invisible

So people can’t see me

But I was wrong

Love has seen me

But you don’t

Turns out I’m an invisible lover


How can I make myself be seen?

So that you’ll notice me



One Response

  1. Great poem 🙂 you must be an awesome writer. I hope I learn alot from reading your poems too. You can check out my profile too n comment if u wish i would appreciate it a lot :).

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