The Content of My Head

Right now my head is in completely jumbled, wizened mess. I think about Canada and how I’ll go there and survive. I think about school tomorrow and what I will do. I think about D and how she’ll never feel the same way as I feel about her, and why she doesn’t reply my message. I think about my friends and what’s wrong with me that made them turn their backs on me. I think about my dad who’ll change his mind persistently like wheels of a running car. I think about illustration and pure arts, and which one I’d rather take in university. I think about entering AJ and take psychology instead like my earliest plan. I think about the test tomorrow, how I’ll never understand it and its importance, and how I’ll bear tomorrow. I think about whether or not I’ll be able to see D tomorrow and have a chance of talking to her. I think about those things at one time like they’re cut outs of a black and white movie that keep flashing in my mind and changing fast as the movie roll turns.

I don’t think I’d be able to face tomorrow with this many thoughts in my mind. All I wanna do now is curve myself on the bed, close my eyes, and go to sleep until I’m ready to face reality.


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