Game’s Over Now, And So Am I

I entered the game field

I watched you from outside the line

You didn’t notice, or you wouldn’t

But I still kept hopes with me

Now, the game’s over

And I know I’ll never have future with you

The score’s determined, and we’ve lost

It’s time for me to leave you alone

I pulled myself into the field for a while

Feeling what it’s like to be inside

And have a look at you for the very last time

Cause after this, now that the game’s over, so is mine

So I turned my back and walked

Out of the field, out of your life

I said goodbye to all that’s happened in the past

And you. You’re a part of it

Now I can fully accept

That I have to leave you and your perfect life, alone

Like it used to be before without me, and it’s better be

So while I left the field, I left everything

It’s really the end, and I wouldn’t turn around

Cause the game is finished, and so is time

So I have to move on, and forget my dream to be with you behind


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