I’m At the End of the String

Time is now chasing us and I almost ran out of tears

Is there any way you would understand how I feel?

You might think I’m the strongest, it’s a lie

I’m getting tired and exhausted of this all

I get all the blame, and it doesn’t look like stopping

I do all sacrifices, you still ask more of me

What should I do so you’ll let go of me?

What should I say to break free?

I’m tired of getting all pressure

Getting the burdens, the heavy things on top of me

But you still want me to do more

Is there any way I can make you see?

I’m not a superman, I’m just another being

Don’t put responsibilities to me

I’m getting crazy, if I’d only let myself be

Telling myself these all would pass, but turns out no

It only takes some time

Before I burn myself down

To go away from you and them

After all I’ve done for you,

Are you happy now, satisfied?


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