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Life After Almost A Year
March 31, 2011

One year being far from home, I find a lot of things I never thought I’d find.

It’s not just meeting people from different culture who speak different language. It’s learning their morality and reevaluate mine. It’s reflecting about my own life that has passed nineteen years and everything that constructs me. It’s finding the answers to all my agitations. It’s finding my own self that I never got to know before. It’s remembering my memories in the past and learning about their impacts on me. It’s finding friends that accept me for who I am and not talking behind my back. It’s sharing secrets and laughing with everyone, knowing that I will not be disappointed by them. It’s appreciating my own country and language and being proud of them. It’s passing the time feeling every second and gain new thoughts from it. It’s looking back to my family and realize that they were, after all, more than I could ask for. It’s having a crush on someone and feeling happy just to notice that he sees me. It’s thinking all over about what makes me uncomfortable and why, and making conclusions. It’s dealing with things I’ve never encountered before. It’s dreaming of what life could be to me and knowing what’s important and making me comfortable. It’s reshaping my thoughts, my life, myself.

There are a lot of things happening, and it hasn’t even been one year.

If I live for the next fifty years, I can’t imagine what I will get.

I just realized – this is life.